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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Desert Explosion- Fume FX

Hi Guys,

Decided to do a Fume Shot as I have been doing a lot of Realflow stuff lately. I also Decided to put in a Plate instead of just leaving it on Black like usual.

The Sim consists of 3 Emitters, The Fireball, The Ground sand/smoky wave, and the Trails. The sim was very quick due to changing 4 settings which decrease the sim and render time massively.

Quality and Max iterations do not need to be on default settings most of the time, I lowered the quality from 5 down to 3 and the Max Iterations down from 200 to 70. Next Rendering Tab I Increased Step size up to 200% but left the fire at 50%. Lastly in the Illumination tab increasing step size to 180.

This made a huge impact on my Sim and Render time without loosing any noticeable quality in the sim or render. Thanks to Anselm and Fabian for this info!

Grid Size/Res:

Gradients (Smoke is using Colour Caching, Smoke colours are set in each Particle Src)

Next was Composting:

In After Effects I added a lot of colour correction to enhance the sim as well as blend it into the plate. One of the main things I did was add Sharpen and Grain to the Fume Render, this really enhances the smoke detail and fire detail. I added a lot because I knew the H264 Video Compression will hide a lot of it, also the upload compression as well. I Recorded a video about the Compositing stage:

Final Shot:

Thanks For Looking!

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