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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Realflow 2014 Beta- Stormy LightHouse

Hi Guys,

This is my second Test with the RealFlow 2014 Beta test, I got asked my Next Limit and got the amazing opportunity to be able to test the Alpha and now Beta of RealFlow 2014.

Recently added to the Beta is a new Daemon all new for RF2014, the ocean force Daemon. Using this with Hybrido you get a Ocean Plane which is a lot like RealWave, you then put your ocean settings in and scale up the ocean plane to match your sim then once the sim is running it creates the waves in the particles themselves. Very Awesome a lot like the Wave Tank in Houdini. This is great for doing anything from to a Ship in Stormy seas all the way to calm seas and having interaction with the particle waves.

 The Ocean Plane in the Viewport^
This then drives the Particles^

I ended up keyframing the waves to get stronger throughout the 150Frames. The Lighthouse and rock was actully a late idea, initially I was going to just do the ocean by itself however that was boring! So I modelled the Lighthouse in Max and re sim'd the whole sim to have the interaction.

Next was working on the Secondar, I started with the standard Liquid SPH Splash and foam pass, this sim is mainly visible for the foam on the surface of the ocean, also the splash interaction of the rock. Next using a new feature of Realflow 2014 was the FLIP Splash sim, to get a nicer looking Splash pass from this FLIP sim I used lower gravity to keep the splash particles in the air longer, also a very high emission rate but then a low varied lifespan, this worked really well I think and will be using this technique in future sims to create more realistic Large scale splash sims.

Krakatoa Render of the FLIP Splash Pass, You Can See the Above technique works well

The Meshing of the Core Fluid Hybrido Particles was done in RealFlow with the improved meshing tools, I manage to get all the wave details in the mesh however back in 3DS Max I did add some more Displacemen with HOT.

 Mesh With Displacement in 3DS Max
Using HOT to Enhance the Mesh, But The RF Mesh Looks Very Good Itself

The Rendering was done in V-Ray for the Mesh and Lighthouse Geo, the Splash&Foam FLIP and SPH were rendered in Krakatoa. Comp was done in After Effects, where the search light was added, just a solid with some noise of and low opacity fast blur and a lens flare.


Thanks For Looking, Now in June I will be working on my College Project, Also some even more ambitious Personal FX Projects to get my ShowReel to be amazing! Thanks For all the Support and Feedback I get!


  1. Hey,

    Very Good results :)

    Ho do you displace the foam and splashes with HOT in 3ds max so it should not penetrate the HOT displaced surface?

    1. Hi Thanks a lot, Just copy the HOT Displacement Modifier onto the PRT Foam Particles. Then it will match the Displacement.

    2. Thank you so much,

      Is this can be done for bin/rpc particles in 3ds max?