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Friday, 11 July 2014

Doughnut- Hybrido Viscosity RnD- RealFlow 2014

I worked on this Fun RnD Project on my Days off from working on my FX work for a upcoming Game Cinematic.
The Doughnut man was modelled very quickly in Max, you can see I had some issues with the smoothing on the render due to the Rigid Bodies not exporting back properly to Max.
To Emit the Initial Icing on the Doughnut Man, I copied the doughnut base and then copied it and scaled it down and used an FFD to morph it around the Doughnut man base, then this was also exported to RealFlow to use as the Fluid Emitter.
The "Melting" Effect was achieved by using the Rigid Bodies of the eyes linked to a bounded gravity node, however the HYDomain with the Icing in was in its own network using a Bounded Noise Field, 3 Attractors pulling it in different directions and also Bounded Gravity. Also Used a Drag Force to slow down the melting even more and create more friction on the collisions.
Working In RealFlow 2014- See Hybridos Separate Network

I Deiced to mesh in Frost and use Velocity Shading, which may seem unessary however if you look at cake/doughnut icing when its moving, it has a really nice translucency in its refraction to it. So I used Frost to mesh, and Magma Flow to drive my refraction of the Icing shader using a Vertex Colour Map. I toned down the Refraction Vertex Colour Map down from 100% to 70% in the maps slot overrides, so the faster Icing was not too Translucent when it was melting because then it starts to look like Gel/Water.
 Frost Mesh From PRT Export From RealFlow
See Magma Velocities Driving Refraction Channel
Rendered in V-Ray and Comp'd in After Effects

Final Shot

Thanks For Looking!

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